August 2017

Not a bad Summer weather wise here in southern New England, USA. At least for those of us working inside all day. True, there have been times when it is too hot or it’s raining altering plans.

Whose complaining?

Frustrations abound, but isn’t that true for us all? Work is ok but full of its own frustrations. Downsizing at my place of employment since the recession took off in 2008. Lost a lot of good people in my department a few years ago with a buy out. Two years ago we lost most of the rest of the experienced workers when most of the jobs in the department were reduced to part time. Revolving door since as new folks cycle through on their way to full time jobs elsewhere or leaving for other reasons or being let go.

We do have a group of interns from elsewhere in the world but they are only here for a year. The second group is winding down in a few months. Too many new people at the same time to train especially when one considers the percentage of department personnel they represent. They get full time hours because their benefits are through their program and not the company. This makes them eligible for overtime unlike the local part time folks. They are good workers so don’t take this as any kind of complaint about them. Just a general frustration.

I have been full time at my job for almost thirteen years now, in a year I will have been there double the amount of time I spent at my previous job at (world’s largest retail chain). Being one of the folks promoted to a Lead Associate kept me full time.

Still have to wonder if the next big change is in the offing considering slow business. A hiring freeze is leading to a major staff shortage. That and other possible hints have made me nervous of late.

We all know the frustrations and conflicts going on in our country and in the world. Hang on in your corner. Do what is best for yourself and others.