From Executive Office, To Becoming a Pastor, Rev. Shawn Fisher Does It All.

Reposting an article from Michael Dubois about the pastor at my church in Groton, CT.

Michael R. DuBois

Reverend Shawn R. Fisher was born April 1st, 1968 in Manchester Conn. Originally, Fisher had lived in Storrs Conn. until he was 3 years old. Up until his adult life, Fisher moved out and into Hartford when he was 24 years old. Currently, Fisher resides in Marlborough Conn. where he has been since 2006.

img_2993For schooling, Fisher attended Hartford Public High school for his Freshman year. He then transferred to Northfield Mt. Hermon, a boarding school located in Mass. Fisher’s reasoning for transferring is that he “needed to go somewhere where [he is]  going to be pushed.”. He felt that his academic experience would be more beneficial to him by attending Northfield Mt. Hermon.

After graduating from Northfield Mt Hermon., Fisher decided to further his education by attending the University of Connecticut (UCONN). After years of hard work, Fisher acquired his Masters Degree in Economics.

While Fisher was in college…

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