I think we all have a recurring dialogue with our worldviews on various things. The following is a comment I posted on a friend’s FaceBook page. The tendrils of the thoughts have whispered for a while. I don’t see it as a loss of faith or spirituality but how I exist in the religious context in which I am currently involved. I am glad to have the opportunity to exist in a community of faith that operates on allowing us each to be free of dogma.

While the spiritual side of me (or psyche) feels a connection with the stories, texts and teachings of judeo-christian heritage I have always believed in science’s search for how the universe works and how civilization has benefited from our increasing knowledge. There is a personal connection to the metaphors and allegories of various ancient peoples and how they sought to explain the world and their own history. I also connect with teachings and ideas seeking to improve the human condition which of course can get twisted by institutions of religion and government but I believe there is an inherent goodness in people which needs to be encouraged.”

Likewise a few minutes later a comment on my repost of the above in a FB group garnered a thoughtful response to which I commented as an addendum.

Part of my questioning is to what degree do I believe in the description of the Christian Godhead? When I was traveling in the depths of poorly treated depression and fatigue I needed to cling on to a level of certainty in God, Jesus and community. On a certain level the deities described in the text are real but on other levels they are metaphors. As the teachings of Jesus are the context of my religious upbringing they resonate with my spiritual being in their familiarity more so than the words of other teachers who taught much of the same lessons.”

The journey continues …



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